Police Dog Blues/Etta's Gift

Lucy Allen
Blind Blake/Lucy Allen


Police Dog Blues is played by blues great Etta Baker, recorded at her home. Etta's gift is my tribute to her. It was meant to be a blues; didn't turn out that way, but she likes it so that's okay.


Little white house in Morganton town I stopped by but you were already gone Hey Etta, did you get the apples I left? Hey Etta, did you get the apples I left? It wasn’t a visit you thought I’d make So catching up will have to wait In your garden flowers grow tall And doves reply whenever you call Driving down in your big ol’ Pontiac With your Gibson and your Martin in the back “John Henry” and “One Dime Blues” “Dew Drop” is the one that I would choose Groovin’ grandma out there playin Your guitars said all that’s worth sayin
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