Wow It's Been A While

Hello Friends and Fans:

Folks have been saying they haven't seen an email in a while, and wonder where we'll be.  Well I (Lucy) admit a bit sheepishly, that we haven't sent out any news in a while so that's why you might not know.

At any rate, we have a busy end of the month and May and June coming up, so we'll catch up for that time period, and endeavor to be a bit more punctual.

First up, the BattleAxe Band is thrilled that we were asked back to Merlefest.  We will be playing for two contradances at the Dance Tent, Saturday and Sunday, and will again be participating in the Women Who Sing Traditional Songs workshop at the Traditional Tent on Sunday morning.  It is a great honor to be able to return 

On May 12th, Lucy and Marshall are spending the day in Hub City. First up, we'll be playing train songs and tunes for Train Day at the Hub City Railroad Museum, then in the evening we'll be joining Fred and Pam Stoll as Hey for Four at the Spartanburg Contradance, about 2 blocks from the Railroad Museum.  The Church hall is a wonderful floor for dances, and they have been working hard to keep this dance going.  If you've never tried contradance, or if you have and you're looking for another one, please come out!  No experience necessary.

From the middle of May through early June, we'll be playing at the Farmers Markets again. Come early for the best selection of produce; tunes will be mighty fine for the whole time.  See below for which market and musical group on each date.

Hope to see you at one or more of these venues. Thank you for supporting Live Music!

Check out the Calendar for more details.

Coming up in April

Hello Friends and Fans,

April and May will be busy months for us, so we'll take them one at a time.  The beginning of the month, Marshall and Lucy will start out, no foolin', playing the dance at River Falls with the Wolf Moon String Band, and as a duo the next weekend at one of our favorite restaurants, the Saluda Grade Cafe.

Next up, the BattleAxe Band will be entertaing the crowd at the Toasty Farmer, an off-season farmer's market held at Brewery 85.  We're playing there for tips, so come on by and share some love! (Both the BattleAxe Band, and Lucy and Marshall will be at the downtown TD Saturday Market and the Travelers Rest Farmers Market on various dates May-Sept, check the calendar).

Marshall and Lucy then join up with friends Fred and Pam  Stoll to play with our group, Hey For Four, at the Spartanburg Contradance.

And last, most excitedly, the BattleAxe Band will be at MERLEFEST!  We'll be at the Traditional Tent on Friday morning, the Dance Tent on Sunday, and some members of the band may also be spotted at the Traditional Tent Sunday morning with Carol Rifkin's group of "Women who sing traditional music."

We really hope to see some of you at any of the events above.  Check the official calendar for details.  And thank you for supporting Live Music!


January and February News

A belated Happy New Year (or perhaps an early Happy Chinese New Year--year of the Rooster) to everyone!

Marshall and Lucy had such a busy December that we completely forgot to send out our annual newsletter to family, but we can at least get our occasional music newsletter out this way.  We had a wonderful time playing at the Saluda Grade Cafe for a couple Saturdays in December, so we decided to continue to play there once a month through May.  The January date was a bit slow, but they will be serving their Valentine menu on Feb 11th when we return.

The BattleAxe Band is gearing up for a busy February, starting at the Greenville County Museum of Art.   They stopped music programming last summer, and thankfully have started it up again. Always free, and I hear there are a couple fabulous exhibits to look at before and after (or even during) the show.

Next up, The Battleaxe Band be playing a couple of contradances in Columbia SC and in Sautee Nacoochee, GA.  Both dance halls are wonderful; come with or without a partner, all are welcome.

More concerts and dances coming up: check the Calendar. And please come see the BattleAxe Band at Merlefest (Friday am and Sun afternoon) Check the Calendar for more information.

 Hope to see you. Thank you for supporting Live Music!

November and December News

Hello friends and fans,

Fall is here, but it's difficult to tell in South Carolina with highs in the 80s still. But some of the leaves are changing and falling on the ground, and we have lots of acorns falling on the driveway, giving a nice crunchy sound when we come home or go out.   It's a nice alert when someone comes to visit, too.

October was a slower month for music, for which Lucy gave thanks as she needed a bit of a break to catch up around the house.  She's making progress. But the BattleAxe Band has a busy November so she's laying aside home tasks.  The BattleAxes are heading out this weekend to play at Western Carolina University on Thursday night, then back to back contradances in Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL on Friday and Saturday.  We're looking forward to the travel, and would love to see some familiar faces along the way.

The following weekend, Nov. 12th, we'll be at the famous WPAQ Merry-Go-Round radio show, from 11am to noon.   It's with a live audience, and you can also find it on a live stream on your computer if you're not in range to pick up the  AM station out of Mt. Airy, NC.

Then the band takes a break, and Marshall and Lucy gear up for Christmas gigs, starting with two Saturdays at the wonderful Saluda Grade Cafe.  If you've never had supper there, golly, you are missing something special!  We play there for tips, so treat yourself to a fine meal and live music at the same time.

On December 10th, we're returning for the third year to play Christmas songs for the Dixie Christmas gathering at the Confederate Museum and Library in Greenville. We actually work to stay with songs and tunes written in mid-19th century and before. Fortunately, that still leaves us with lots of great material.

We're ending our Christmas tunes run with a set of music for the Ed Harrison Celtic Christmas at Hagood Mill, and then playing with our friends Brooke Lauer and Briggs Hamilton as the Wolf Moon String Band at ContraCola, the contradance in Columbia, SC.  

Looking forward to lots of travel, seeing new friends and old, and sharing our music.  Hope to see you along the way.

Thanks for supporting Live Music!

August and September 2016 news

Hello Friends and Fans, 

We just returned from our annual trek to the Appalachian Stringband Festival in Clifftop WV. Great jams with old friends and new, and inspiration to learn some new tunes and dust off some old ones.  Lucy got some basic instruction in clawhammer banjo, too!

August includes three musical appearances by Lucy & Marshall and friends. First, this Saturday at the Travelers Rest Farmers Market, one of the best markets in the region!

The following Friday, we'll be joined by Brooke Lauer and Briggs Hamilton to play as the Wolf Moon String Band for the Spartanburg Contradance. Please note that the dance is at a new location--Yellow Mama Music in Lyman.  If you know of a great place for the dance in Spartanburg, we'd love to have it move back there. In the meantime, a big Thank You to the music store for hosting.

Finally, we are honored to help celebrate the Founding of the National Park Service 100 years ago by playing on Founders Day at the Carl Sandburg Home in Flat Rock.  Weather permitting, we'll be at the Amphitheatre from 2-4pm.  We're looking through the Carl Sandburg songbook and will have some samples in our show from that book.

In September, the BattleAxe Band will be playing at the Homesteading Festival in Williamston.  Lots of great vendors and demonstrations at that event! More information on the Homesteading Festival facebook page.

Hope to see you soon. Thank you for supporting live music.

Spring Happenings

Hello Friends and Fans,

I (Lucy) was just looking over the list of all of the folks who have been following these updates, and realized I started it in 2006.  To those who joined and are still hanging in there, Thank you so much! and a big thanks to all who have joined since then.  This is an old format and I may try to learn some new technology this year and make it better, but for  now, you'll get the latest news in an older way.

We have a variety of musical venues coming up. First off, Marshall and Lucy will be on Studio 62 between 11 and 11:30 this Wednesday. You can live-stream it on your computer or watch our short segments at a later time.  We'll be highlighting the Train Songs show we'll be doing on Saturday at the Hub City Railroad Museum, and the Spartanburg Contradance the night before, with Hey for Four!

The next weekend will feature the BattleAxe Band at the Travelers Rest Farmers Market, which is bigger and better than last year, and a live set from 4 to 5 pm on Sunday on WNCW's This Old Porch radio show (also available as live stream if you're not in the local listening region). 

Then back to the dance hall with Hey for Four at River Falls Dance Hall on June 4th.

We'll be taking a break in June after that, but stayed tuned for more in July (or check the calendar on the website  Thanks for supporting live music!

BattleAxe Band Special Edition

Hello Friends and Fans,

For those of you not yet aware, the all-female old-time band that Lucy is in is now gearing up to record their first CD.  A lot of places where the BattleAxe Band plays we are asked if we have a CD for sale. We now feel we have a cohesive enough sound and more than enough material to make our debut album.  We decided to ask for the support of our listeners, to help make this vision a reality, to keep the music alive, and to create some fun rewards for those who help us by backing our project.  We would LOVE for your support of our Kickstarter campaign, running through September 28th (but go ahead and pledge NOW before you  forget!).  Here's the link, with some of our music:

Thank you in advance for your support.  Please feel free to share this information with others!

If you'd like to see and hear us live and in person (or on TV on September 25th), we'll be performing a lot this month, please check the calendar for more information.

August and September News

Hello Friends and Fans,

It's been a while since we sent out a newsletter, and we're getting ready to be really busy, so here's an update that will take you through the middle of October!

But first a short recap: We had a wonderful time at the Blue Ridge Old-Time Week at Mars Hill College in June. Marshall took a couple fiddle classes on playing blues and rags, and Southern bowing techniques.  Lucy worked on old-time fingerpicking banjo.  We also had a wonderful time playing tunes with old friends and new at the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop WV at the end of July/beginning of August. And we were honored to be invited to the opening of a new, permanent exhibit about Etta Baker and a new historical marker for her at the City of Morganton Municipal Auditorium (CoMMA). The next part of that will be a larger than life bronze statue of Etta Baker with a big concert next summer!  Keep your ears open as we know there are a lot of Etta Baker fans out there.

Coming up we are playing in various musical combinations, with the Wolf Moon String Band starting it off with a contradance at Landmark Hall this Friday, followed by Lucy and Marshall at the downtown Greenville Farmers market on Saturday.  The following Saturday, the BattleAxe Band will be at that same market. 

BattleAxe Band is kicking it up a notch in September, with not only two farmers markets, but also playing at the Saluda Grade Cafe, the BIG Sunrift sale, and a private event.  And you'll hear more about our CD plans soon!  BattleAxe Band news can be found at, and you can sign up for that band's newsletter at that link.

We end September with a short concert at the Greenville County Museum of Art.  The Museum always has a program on Sundays at 2, and always free. We love going there not only to play, but to look at the art as well.  The beginning of October will take us back to the Hub City Farmers Market to play with Fred and Pam Stoll as Hey for Four, and the following weekend we'll be playing for a contradance at Denver Downs, for all the folks who aren't lost in the corn maze. 

Hope to see you around town, and thank you for supporting live music!

Lucy and Marshall

May Happenings with Lucy and Marshall and others

Hello Friends and Fans,

We haven't been doing a lot of playing out lately, but music is still coursing through our veins and we're getting ready for a busy spring and summer. To help us gear up, we went to a very inspiring albeit a bit chilly Merlefest at the end of April, with plenty of bluegrass, old-time, singer-songwriters, blues, and other Americana music.  We had lots of "Oh, we should learn that song/tune!" moments.  And then a weekend at the beach to camp and play tunes. So now we're ready to go!

This weekend we're starting out Friday night providing music at the Saluda Grade Cafe.  If you've ever been there, you know how good the food is!  On Saturday morning we'll be at the always delightful Traveler's Rest Farmers Market. We encourage you to come and shop and get a bit of background music, maybe toss some money in the tip jar.  This is Lucy's favorite farmers market in the region.

The next weekend we'll travel a bit west of Greenville to help with a fundraiser for the YAM (Young Appalachian Musician) program at the Oconee Heritage Center, and then further west to play a dance at the Sautee Nacoochee Center on Memorial Day Weekend with Hey for Four (Lucy and Marshall with our friends Fred and Pam Stoll). 

Back home at the end of the month, the BattleAxe Band will be at the Greenville Museum of Art!  Free, so enjoy music and art at the same time.

Thanks for supporting live music! Hope to see you soon.

2015 Already!

Hello Friends and Fans,

Just as we're putting up the Christmas decorations (yes, we leave our tree up until Old Christmas, Jan 6th), we'll be turning around to head off for more musical adventures. 

Lucy started working a bit more on learning old-time fingerstyle banjo last year, and plans to continue that and hopefully become adept enough to play the banjo in public before the year is out.  And Marshall is always finding more tunes to learn, and has even hinted at writing a few more songs this year!

We're starting the year out with a short set of original songs at the Evening Muse in Charlotte in just a few days. Following closely, on Sunday, Marshall will be sharing the stage with Robert Burns, the South Carolina Fiddling Champion of 2014. They will be at the Greenville Museum of Art with a wonderful selection of tunes on fiddle and lap dulcimer. If you haven't heard this duo, you've missed a treat!

Then we shift back into dance mode, with the BattleAxe Band playing at the ever popular River Falls Dance Hall, and then Hey for Four will be continuing to establish a new contradance at Hub Bub Showroom in Spartanburg.  We would especially appreciate it if you could spread the word and invite your friends to come to the dance on January 22nd!

And thanks for supporting live music!

October Dances and Other Musical Happenings

Hello Friends and Fans,

We're welcoming the cooler temperatures of fall, and looking forward to the beautiful fall colors.  And all of the fresh pumpkins and apples to enjoy, too.

We took a short break from playing to go listen to music; headed up to Bristol Va/Tn for the Rhythm and Roots Reunion festival and the Birthplace of Country Music Museum.  Highly recommend both!  Our favorite stage was the old, grand Paramount Theatre. We enjoyed MSG-Acoustic blues trio, the Neighbors, Ed Snodderly, the Seldom Scene, David Grisman, and others on stages large and small, indoors and out. 

We had a great time playing at Nate's Pizza shortly after he opened his doors over in North Greenville. Marshall will be there this Friday night, in a rare solo appearance so you can hear songs that you might not catch in other configurations. We're thinking about playing there once a month with a "theme" night--like songs about birds or chickens, and Nate would have his wings on sale, or a night of train songs or critter tunes or weather, or... suggestions appreciated!  Head over for some fun music and great pizza and subs.

The BattleAxe Band will be back at the downtown TD Saturday Market on the 18th, one of the final markets of the season!  Come get fresh veggies (and pumpkins and apples). 

The rest of the month feel free to put on your dancing shoes--Columbia, Spartanburg, Clemson, and Taylors!

Hope to see you, and thanks for supporting Live Music!

End of Summer

Hello Friends and Fans,

Hope everyone had a wonderful long Labor Day weekend.  Lucy spent part of it harvesting some of the last of the homegrown tomatoes. She enjoyed a lot of fresh tomato and basil sandwiches! Marshall headed to the Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention and competed in the mandolin and banjo competitions.  He also reconnected with some old friends and played lots of music.

We're looking forward to the cooler temperatures for the fall, and we'll be playing quite a bit so cooler temps for the outdoor venues will be MOST welcome!

We've enjoyed playing in various configurations for both the downtown Greenville and the Traveler's Rest (TR) farmers markets this summer.  If you are local, and have not been to the one in TR, definitely check it out.  Beautifully spacious, and wonderful vendors.  If you have a bike with a basket it's just off of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  The BattleAxe Band will be back at the Downtown Market in mid-October.

We'll be just off the trail this Saturday, helping the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery celebrate 3 years in business with their Birthday Flea.  Lots of craft vendors and always delicious, local food.  If you haven't tried their scones, you're missing a treat!

We're joining up again with our friends Fred and Pam Stoll to help get a contradance going in Spartanburg.  Our band name is Hey for Four, and we'll be at Hub Bub in September and October.  Come on out, and bring some friends!  No experience necessary as the dances always begin with a lesson 30 minutes before.

And just to mix things up a bit, we're also playing at Nate's Pizza on Hwy 414 between Hwy 25 and North Greenville University.  Nate used to run the Frodo's Pizza at Cherrydale, and now has his own place, with one corner specifically set up for music!  Come help support his new business, and if you're a musician, come check it out as a place to play.

Hope to see you along the way. Thank you for supporting live music!

March Madness 2014

Hello Friends and Fans,

 Well, yes, we are college basketball fans, so it gets tricky around here in March to schedule music gigs around games.  But honestly, music wins out most of the time!

We'll be out and about in a number of different configurations this month; good thing we're both Gemini; helps sometimes to have a split personality!  Lucy is starting things off this month playing at the  Polk County (NC) library with the BattleAxe Band, then Lucy and Marshall will help with celebrating KidFest at Hagood Mill early in the day, and an early St. Pat's celebration at church that evening.

 Marshall and Square Root will be playing a private celebration on March 21st.

 We're ending the month playing at the nice dance hall in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia (near Helen) as the Wolf Moon String Band. The lineup this time will be Marshall and Amy Buckingham on twin fiddles, Bob Buckingham on banjo and/or mandolin, and Lucy on guitar.  Should be a fun night!

If you want to know more about all these contradances we keep mentioning, look up Harvest Moon Folk Society or the Old Farmers Ball (in Swannanoa) or Blue Ridge Contra (in Saluda NC) and you can find more info and links to some great dances.

 And we welcome a new old-time jam to this region--Stomping Grounds Coffee and Wine Bar, 208 Trade Street, Greer, SC on the first Tuesday of the month, starting at 7 pm.

 Hope to see you soon; thanks for supporting live, local music!

Winter music

Hello Friends and Fans,

 Hope everyone is staying warm enough (or cool enough, depending on the day!). 

 We just had a wonderful time playing at the City Dance as the Wolf Moon String Band (with Briggs Hamilton), honoring the first full moon of the year.  We're having a lot of fun playing for dances in various configurations.

 We usually find out we'll be playing at the Saluda Grade Cafe on pretty short notice, but this time we have most of this week!  We'll be there on Friday night to play some tunes and songs. And if you've never eaten there, goodness gracious, you owe it to yourself to try their food!

 We'll be back in Saluda at the Party Place the following week with Fred and Pam Stoll to play a dance; in fact, the whole month is a nice combination of sitting and singing, and also playing for dances.  Some of you have been asking when we'll be performing closer to home--here's your chance! Marshall and Lucy will be at the Greenville Museum of Art on Sunday afternoon, Feb 23rd.  So come in and look at the wonderful art and listen to music for an hour that Sunday!

 We'd also like to give you a heads up on another event--February 1st, our friend John Fowler will be talking about (and selling and signing) his book about Trottin' Sally at the Spartanburg Library. 

 Hope to see you at an event, soon, and thanks for supporting live music.

Happy Holidays

Hello Friends and Fans,

 Wow, the Holidays are upon us again!  If you'd like to get away from the malls and more into the spirit of the season, here are some musical options:

 We usually play for a lot of different Christmassy gigs, but this year has a bit of a different twist to it. To start the month, Lucy and Marshall are joining the choir at Holy Cross for their beautiful Advent Evensong service on the first Wednesday, then heading up the mountain to Saluda to sing and play a variety of songs and tunes, some holiday ones, some not, at the most delicious Saluda Grade Cafe!

 We're going to take a quick break from playing to listen to the wonderful music of Robin Bullock and Steve Baughman on December 10th, as they provide their musical magic in Simpsonville.

 During the next week, Marshall will be very busy with Christmas shows highlighting the talents of his YAM (Young Appalachian Musicians) students.  If you'd like to see them, there will be concerts at Hagood Elementary School on Monday, December 16th at 6 pm and Tuesday, December 17th at 10 am, and at Liberty Elementary on December 19th at 5 pm.  It is such a joy to pass along music to a new generation.

 December 18 we'll be playing for some of the folks waiting in the lobby at St. Francis hospital eastside (some of you may still know it as the Women's Hospital). 

 Then Lucy will be headed up to Brevard to 186 King Street with the BattleAxe Band for their Roots Music night, with a lot more oldtime tunes.

 We finish out our month honoring the memory of Ed Harrison, playing some Celtic Christmas music at Hagood Mill.

 Hope to see you at a show or two, and thank you for supporting live music!

Quick update

Especially for folks in Northern Greenville and NC near Tryon/Saluda:

 Wanted to let you know that Marshal and Lucy will be playing at Saluda Grade Cafe on Friday, starting at 7pm.  No cover, tips appreciated. But honestly, one of the main reasons to go is the food there is fantastic!  Treat yourself to a great meal and music, too!

 And on November 7th, Lucy and Amy Buckingham will be bringing tunes and songs to the Polk County Library.

 Hope to see some of y'all one place or both!  Thanks for supporting live music!

Contradances Galore!

Hello Friends and fans,

 We just returned from a wonderfully inspirational weekend in Chapel Hill, hearing some fine music from the Hushpuppies and Lightnin' Wells, among others, and saw the unveiling of a historic marker for Elizabeth Cotton in Carrboro, NC.  So glad she is being recognized.  We also were invited to play a house concert for old friends and new, which was great fun.

 So the next three gigs coming up are all dances. If you're not a dancer, you're still welcome to come and listen.  But I will tell you, contradancing is about as much fun as you can have and still be legal, so I highly recommend that you give it a try, even if you think you have two left feet! 

First the Wolf Moon String Band will once again help with the Environmental Action Group fundraiser at Furman. The next night, Hey For Four will be playing for a new (and hopefully continuing) dance in Spartanburg. And in November, the BattleAxe Band will be at the City Dance in Taylors.  Hope you can come out to one or all of them!

Marshall and Lucy are also starting to think about Christmas parties. We will be brushing off the tunes sometime in November and would be happy to lend some musical cheer to your party, either in the background or helping with a singalong.

Thanks for all the love and for supporting live music.

Summer Time Tunes

Hello Friends and fans,

 We're not sure on any day if we'll have rain or sun or some of each, but it's definitely keeping things growing!

 We've been enjoying music outside of Greenville recently--Lucy spent a week at Mars Hill at the Old Time Music Week, with great jams every night, followed by a trip on the Crooked Road to the Wayne Henderson festival and guitar competition. The BattleAxe Band had fun up at the Feed and Seed in Fletcher as well.

 Not yet on the Calendar, but Marshall and Lucy will be playing at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery during their picnic THIS THURSDAY, July 4th, tentative times 11:30-2:30.  Come on out for some wonderful food and enjoy the Swamp Rabbit Trail, too!  the Cafe and Grocery is just off of Cedar Lane Road, and on the trail.

 A bit later in the month, the BattleAxe band has two almost back to back gigs, free and open to the public.  Come out to one or both (the second one will be air-conditioned.)

 As always, thanks for supporting live music.

 Friday, July 12th, 2013

Twilight at the Tater Shed - 8 pm
Tater Shed

105 Park Drive
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Price: Free, donations accepted

The BattleAxe Band will be playing this evening. 

  The Tater Shed is an amphitheatre next to an old 1930s Potato House built for storing potatoes during the colder months.  It is across the street from the City Park.  In case of rain, the shows will be in the Arts Center Auditorium (200 feet away).

Sunday, July 14th, 2013
BattleAxe Band - 2-3 pm
Greenville Museum Of Art

420 College St
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 271-7570

Memorial Day and Beyond

Hello Friends and Fans,

Tonight the Wolf Moon String Band will be playing at the wonderfully energetic contradance at River Falls, hosted by the Harvest Moon Folk Society. Beautiful floor, and a really magical place.  If you've ever wanted to try contra dancing, this is the place to be!  Lessons start at 7:30 and dance at 8. For more info, check out their website.

The BattleAxe Band, slightly reconfigured, will be playing at the TD Farmers Market next Saturday, and back at the Feed and Seed in Fletcher on June 21st.

 In between, Marshall will be headed to the Mt. Airy Fiddlers convention for a few days, then Lucy will be going to the Blue Ridge Old Time Music week in Mars Hill.  We just rescued/adopted a 5 year old Chow mix so now one of us will be staying home more weekends to take care of the dog.  She's not quite ready for travel and festivals. At least not this year, but she is a very sweet dog (if you're a person, not another dog).

Square Root was rained out from playing at the Market, but did get an opportunity to play for a private party.

 Thanks for supporting Live Music!  Hope to see you soon.

Out of Hibernation

Hello Friends and Fans,

The emails have been pretty quiet here during the winter month, but we haven't actually been that still.

After a very busy Christmas music season, Lucy and Marshall have been recharging our musical batteries through attending music festivals in Boone and Union Grove, and jamming with friends.  We don't have a lot of events coming up with just the two of us, but we're staying busy with all of our variations.

Marshall, Gregg and Mike continue as Square Root and will be at one of the first of the TD Saturday Market in Downtown Greenville.  The Wolf Moon String Band is playing a few dances (with some varied personnel, but it's all good!).  The BattleAxe Band has quite a few shows coming up.  One of our founding members, and fabulous banjo player Michele Turner, has decided to take a sabbatical from music for a while, so we are pleased that Brooke Lauer is joining us, sharing her skills in banjo, fiddle, and flat-footing!  She isn't really a BattleAxe yet, just a Battle Axe in Training, Certified Honey.

We're looking forward to all of the dances, markets, and shows where we'll be, and hope you can join us!

Thanks for supporting live music.

Deck the Halls...

Hello Friends and Fans,


Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! and now we're gearing up for the big December holidays and a brand new year!  Marshall and Lucy are focusing on Christmas gigs this month, not in disrespect to Hannukah or Kwanzaa or Solstice, we just haven't learned any songs/tunes for the other celebrations.


Sorry it's been awhile since we sent out a newsletter; been pretty busy here with other duties.  Marshall came home with two first place finishes (dulcimer and mandolin) and one second place (guitar) at Halloweenfest in Brevard this year, and we had a great time playing for a couple dances in November.  Plan to play more dances in 2013, more on that below.


If you like singing along, please join us for one of our December shows. Most of them have a strong sing along component, and we bring the words.  In early January, the BattleAxe Band will help break up Christmas by playing the contradance at River Falls on January 5.


Hope to see you at a show and thanks for supporting live music.


Fall Newsletter

Hello Friends and Fans,

Last minute news--Marshall and I will be playing at Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville this afternoon, 4-6 pm.  The music is free, but you do have to pay for parking when you enter the park.  We'll be in the old Amphitheatre, a short walk from the park HQ and visitor center.

We've had a great end of summer. Thanks to all of you who came to the CD Release Party for Won't See Tadpoles Covered in Fur.  We would be happy to share this music at your next child's (or grandchild's) birthday party or other event.

The BattleAxe Band had a wonderful time playing at Duckpond Pottery in Brevard, and then we had a blast playing at the fiddler's convention at Hagood Mill last weekend.  We won first place in the band competition for the third time!  And Michele Turner also won first place in the "Wildcat Open" competition for her version of Cotton Mill Girls.

Marshall is continuing the every other Friday jam at Frodo's Pizza of Cherrydale. Come on out and play some tunes!

Coming up--we'll be at the Depot in Belton on Oct 6th, at the Heritage Days that is concurrent with the Belton Standpipe Festival. November we'll be playing at the River Falls Contra dance and we have a number of Christmassy gigs in December (and room for more!)

Hope to see you at a show or jam.  Thanks for supporting live music.


CD Release Party!

Hello Friends and Fans,

We've now had the CD for a few weeks, but needed to work out the details for our party. So here it is!  Apologies to those of you who are getting a duplicate invite from the one posted on Facebook.

 If you can't make it to the party, no worries, we'll still take orders by email or  through our website and Paypal.

We'll also continue with Fiddling at Frodos on the 2nd and 4th Fridays (Aug 10 and 24) and will be part of a benefit for BikeMS soon--details to follow.

Thanks for your support of live music!

Saturday, August 11th, 2012
CD Release Party! - 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Frodo's Pizza of Cherrydale


3207 North Pleasantburg Drive
Greenville, SC 29609-2900

Price: Free!

We will be celebrating the release of our new CD--Won't See Tadpoles Covered in Fur, with Pizza and Cake.  Steffans Hardin, bass player extraordinaire and our recording and mixing engineer, will be joining us for the fun.

Nate Corley has generously agreed to offer a 10% discount on all orders at Frodo's if you mention you are there for the CD Release Party!  So please join us.




Saturday, September 22nd, 2012
Music in the Woods 2012 - 4:00 to 6:00pm
Paris Mountain State Park

2401 State Park Road
Greenville, SC 29609

Price: No cost for show, modest admission to park

Lucy and Marshall playing at the beautiful Amphitheater next to Lake Placid in Paris Mountain State Park.  Bring a picnic!  We do have a sound system, as the park has a solar-powered generator for us to plug in.

Bug spray recommended. And from the folks at the park: "This is a smoke, alcohol, and drug-free event, designed for families and friends (and their pets!)"


May Newsletter

Hello Friends and Fans,

We had a fine time with our flurry of gigs in mid-April, followed by a trip to Merlefest 25.  All of the great musicians there truly inspired us!

 Quick CD update--The CD will be mastered this month, and we hope (fingers crossed) to have it available when we play at the Cafe at Williams Hardware on June 9th.  If not then, soon after.  It is NOT too late to pre-order your copy of Won't See Tadpoles Covered in Fur, our CD for children of all ages.  Only $15/copy, and we'll happily provide a personalized autograph if you like.  For out of town folks, the pre-order price also includes shipping.

 Music Lessons:

Marshall is now providing private lessons in guitar, mandolin, clawhammer banjo, lap dulcimer, and beginning fiddle. Please contact him at 864-270-5304 for more details on times and rates.

 Performances in May:

We'll be at Artisphere in downtown Greenville this weekend, playing on a streetcorner a few times on both Friday and Saturday.  The BattleAxe Band will be having a great time at the Cafe at Williams Hardware Saturday night (please make reservations!), and then the Wolf Moon String Band (Lucy and Marshall, and Nancy and Briggs Hamilton) will be providing music for the City contra Dance at the end of the month.

 Hope to see you soon!  Thanks for supporting live music.

On the Go In April

Hello Friends and Fans!

We've been away from public performance for a while now, but that is definitely changing! We spent some of the cooler weather working on a few new tunes and songs (not as much as we hoped, but its all good). Marshall spent a weekend at a fiddle workshop taught by Betty Vornbrock so he is working on some new tunes and enhanced bowing techniques as well.

April already started out with Marshall doing a musical program at Hunt Meadows Elementary School and with a trip down to Greenwood to accompany Jennie Wakefield teach some dance students the delights of contradancing.  We arrived at the dance workshop early enough to see some instruction in African dance as well, which looked like a heck of a lot of fun.

Coming up we'll be playing for a couple private events for Upcountry Friends and Interim Hospice, then back to the Cafe at Williams Hardware for a show on April 16th. And go ahead and mark your calendars for same place to see a rare public performance of the BattleAxe Band on May 7th!

Marshall and Square Root will be celebrating early spring produce by playing at the Easley Farmer's Market on April 23rd, and Lucy will be returning to emcee at Merlefest at the end of the month.

The Jam at Jim's (oldtime edition) continues on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month, and there is some talk that an Irish session may be added on the alternate Thursdays. Stay tuned for more on that development!  All are welcome; an informal place to play tunes.

Thanks for supporting live music! Hope to see you at a show (or a jam).

Music in Midwinter

Happy New Year to friends and fans!

We had a great time playing Christmas tunes, then "Breaking up Christmas," and now happy to be moving on to new tunes and old.  We're also watching the weather closely as The Big Snow of 2011 is predicted to be here soon, so checking the radar frequently.   No worries, though, we've stocked up on bread, milk, and coffee.

This month there's a lot of variety to choose from--participate at the Jam at Jim's, dance at Furman, listen and dine in Traveler's Rest, and/or check out the art on Pendleton Street. Come to one or all!

And if that isn't enough, we encourage you to listen to the Oldtime music at Hagood Mill on January 15th hosted by and including music by our friends Bob and Amy Buckingham.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, prosperous 2011, and hope to see you at a show!

September Update

Hello friends and fans,

Just a quick update for where we'll be playing--2 times this Saturday, and again at the beginning of October.

We had a really nice time at the Fraley Fest at Carter Caves State Park in Olive Hill KY this past weekend. Beautiful place and a nice little festival. Highly recommended.

Thanks to all who came out to the Benefit Concert for the National MS Society--we raised over $1000.00 toward helping folks with MS. And thanks to those who came to our other shows, too. Always nice to see familiar faces along with making new friends.

As always, thanks for supporting Live Music!

August Shows

Hello friends and fans,

Gosh it's hot! Good time to be inside if you haven't acclimated to this weather.  We got home Sunday night from a week in Clifftop, WV at the Appalachian String Band Festival, with daytime temps in the 80s, and needing blankets at night. It was glorious.

Anyway, have some fun shows coming up this month and over Labor Day weekend.   Square Root will be at the Easley Farmers Market this Saturday, so you can stop by and see Marshall and Gregg while you're buying produce if in the area.

Saturday night is our special house concert/MS fundraiser at the Goodwins. It is ALMOST SOLD OUT, so if you haven't yet made your reservation, please call or email Gale SOON!  For those who have already responded, thank you so much for your support.

With Marshall out of town for a few days, Lucy will be playing with 2 different configurations of the Saluda River Gals--at Scratch for their Pizza Palooza! party and then again at the Carolina First Saturday Market in downtown Greenville.

We close out the month back at the Pumpkintown Opry, a really fun evening with dinner (usually chicken, ribs, salad, dessert) and a variety show with music, skits, dancing wait staff.

Over Labor Day we're excited to be playing at the Cafe at Williams Hardware in Travelers Rest.

Hope to see you at a show!  Thanks for supporting Live Music.

Special House Concert August 14th

Our friends Gale and Dexter Goodwin will be opening their home (and hearts) to host a benefit concert by Lucy and Marshall. The concert is a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  All funds raised will go to this worthy organization. Both Gale and Lucy have had family members affected by this disease.


 Gale and Dexter live in a lovely house in the shadow of Paris Mountain. They can accommodate up to 75 folks, so please make a reservation, as we think the spots will fill up quickly!  The entrance fee is a check made out to the National MS Society.  There will be a basket at the door for donations.

When: August 14th, 2010


Time: Door open, gather for food and friendship 7pm

         Music starts at 8 pm

         Optional jam session after the concert (bring an instrument)


Where: 275 Phillips Trail, Greenville SC 29609


What to Bring: Donation to National MS Society, Beverage of your choice





If you can't make it but wish to make a contribution, you may make a donation online.

Donate on Lucy's site online at: or

Donate on Marshall's site online at:


Thank you! Hope to see you at the show.

Summer Shows

Howdy Folks!

We have a lot of musical activity coming up this month. Actually, we did last month, too.  We played at the Songwriter Showcase at Hagood Mill on June 19th and had a great time--apologies for not sending out a notice to let you know about it, but thanks to those who were there.

June was filled with lots of music events not related to our usual performances.  Marshall attended both the Mt. Airy Fiddlers Convention and the Grayson County Fiddlers Convention in Elk Creek VA, where he enjoyed seeing friends, playing a lot of music and learning some new tunes.  He competed in the folk song at Mount Airy & the lap dulcimer competition at both festivals.  It was a good time & an opportunity to try some things out on a new audience.

Lucy attended the Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week at Mars Hill College, primarily as a massage therapist, but also took some mandolin and banjo lessons. The miniclass on beginning mando was taught by Adam Tanner, and if you want to learn that instrument, and live in the Asheville area, he is a top-notch teacher.  Chip Arnold continued giving Lucy tips on 2-finger, index-lead banjo picking, and she started working on Cold Frosty Morn.  Don't expect to see her playing either of those in public soon, but possibly on down the road.

Lucy's loves of music and massage were highlighted in an article published in Making Music magazine. She was interviewed a few months ago for the article.

 This month, we are returning to a few of our favorite spots -- the Village Cup in Laurens and Downtown Coffehouse and Creamery in Mauldin.  And, we'll also be at the Pumpkintown Opry a couple of Saturday's for their two-hour variety show.   Dinner and a show for $25, including dancing by the wait staff!  Check it out! 

We also hope you'll mark your calendars for a special house concert on August 21. Our friends Gale and Dexter Goodwin are hosting the concert, and it will be a benefit for the MS Breakaway to the Beach. Both Marshall and Lucy will be participating in the 150 mile bike ride in September to raise money and awareness about multiple sclerosis. This is a chance to see us in an intimate setting and contribute to a great cause, too.

Thanks for supporting Live Music!

April and May Showers and Shows

Hello friends and fans,

We are so grateful for the beautiful weather and flowers blooming after a wet winter.  We missed sending this out for our first two shows of the month--playing at WKBC's Hometown Opry in N. Wilkesboro on Friday, which is always fun; and at Hagood Mill for the first Saturday program.  Hagood is such a great cultural treasure here in the Upstate, and it was a delight to hear JC Owens' fiddling.

We're doing some great gigs together in April. First one is at the Village Cup in its NEW location right on the square in Laurens. We love the atmosphere at the old location, but have heard the new place is even better! Toward the end of the month we'll be playing in Mauldin twice on the same day--at the Garden Club Spring Fling early, and with our friends at Downtown Coffee House in the evening.

May will include some gigs together, and some playing with other folks. Lucy will join the BattleAxe Band for a trip to Village Cup and a dance in Charleston; Marshall will be at the Farmers Market with Square Root, and back at Hagood for a 3rd Saturday Program with his old friend Josh Johnson.  Then, we'll be together for a performance at the Carolina First Farmer's Market over Memorial Day!

We started a Facebook Fan Page and are trying to remember to post events there, too.

Hope you are enjoying the Springtime as much as we are.  We'd love to see you at a gig or two! And Thanks for supporting Live Music!

Why Walk When We Could March!

Howdy Friends & Neighbors!   February came and went so quickly, it's hard to believe we're looking forward to a month that includes the end of winter, Saint Patrick's Day, the beginning of spring, and the end of the first quarter of 2010!  Time flies when you're having fun, I guess!

We're pleased to be participating in the TEDx Greenville Conference on Friday March 5.  The Conference will be at the Carroll A. Campbell Jr. Graduate Engineering Center Auditorium on the Clemson University ICAR Campus from 8:30am to 5:00pm.  More information is available at  In addition to performing as a duo, we will accompany Paul Anderegg during his flatfoot dancing performance.  Should be a fun and informative day!

On Saturday March 13, we'll be serving up a selection of irish & celtic tunes at Downtown Coffeehouse and Creamery in Greenville to help celebrate the upcoming Saint Patrick's Day.   And, if anyone wants music for a St Patrick's Day event, let us know.   We're free that day!

Hope to see you all somewhere soon!  Have a happy & safe March!

February Celebrations

Hello friends and fans,

Hope you're staying warm this winter.  We've had either rain or frozen precipitation almost every weekend so far this year.  We're ready for some nice weekends, at least!

Lucy was looking at the calendar after learning that the Native Americans (not sure which tribe, Wikipedia is a bit vague on that point) name each full moon of the year. We start with Freedom Day on the first, followed by Groundhog day on the 2nd. The Chinese will celebrate their New Year with the new moon of February (Year of the Tiger), which also falls on Valentine's Day, just after Lincoln's Birthday and before the US Gov Holiday, President's Day (which this year is also the same date as Susan B. Anthony Day, Nirvana Day, and in Canada, Family Day).  If you just want to focus on the month, you can celebrate both American Heart Month and Black History Month.  With all of that going on, we all can celebrate something!

We'll be having fun at a couple gigs this month. First, on Friday we'll join the Fine Art Ramblers for a fun evening at the Coffee Underground. Then a week and a day later we'll be at Downtown Coffee House and Creamery in Mauldin to celebrate Chinese New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day.  Red is good for either celebration, in case you're in a quandary as to what to wear.

Hope you have a great month, and we'd love to see you!

Happy New Year!

Howdy, Everybody!  We hope for a prosperous year in 2010 (Two thousand ten, or Twenty-ten, whichever you prefer)! 

Marshall & I had a great time playing Christmas tunes (and some of our regular stuff) during December at both private and public venues.  Loved being at Smiley's as the last gig before Christmas.  We hope to be back there soon, possibly for a songwriter night.

We're working on some new (or at least recycled) tunes and songs, and dusting off some that we haven't played in awhile.  Our first gig of the year will be back on home turf, at the Downtown Coffee and Creamery on Butler Road in Mauldin.  In early February, we'll be headed back to Coffee Underground and to Hagood Mill.

The BattleAxe Band (Lucy, Amy, Michele, and Nancy) will be playing not one, but TWO dances in January, the first for the new City Dance at St. Mark's Church. This dance replaced the one at the YWCA and is organized by Harvest Moon Folk Society.  The second one is a benefit for the Environmental Action Group at Furman University, with Jennie Wakefield as the caller.

Finally, we want to wish Jim Hurst (our friend and former producer) all the best as he moves to his new solo career after playing with Claire Lynch for so many years.  Jim is a great guitarist & performer and we recommend him to other music lovers.

 We just added links to a bunch of musicians who are in or near Greenville, under Upstate Musicians (and if I missed you, let me know!).

 On a non-musical topic, the Oatmeal may be a very bizarre website, but occasionally has some choice posts.  One is "10 words you need to stop misspelling" Check it out! 

 Thanks to all for supporting live music.

Angels and Alleluias

Seasoned Greetings, Y'all!

We've pulled out our Christmas songs and started practicing for the upcoming holidays. We love learning new info about the songs each year. For instance, this year we learned that Jingle Bells was originally intended as a Thanksgiving Day song, not Christmas. Not that we're likely to be dashing through the snow here in South Carolina on either holiday, but still... An interesting historical item!

Most of the shows this month will feature music for the season, while some will also include our usual eclectic mix of tunes. We're also working on some new tunes and songs and dusting off some old ones to perform at our shows in 2010.

We're thrilled to be heading back to Village Cup and to Christmas at Connemara at the Carl Sandburg Home this month, and we always enjoy the variety Ed Harrison brings to the 3rd Saturday Celebration at Hagood Mill. If you've never been to the Mill, you're missing a treat.

Also sponsored by the Pickens County Cultural Commission is a new exhibit that should be of interest to music lovers--"Story Song and Image" a collaborative project by Glen MIller and John Fowler, combining music and paintings. The show will be at the Pickens County Museum of Art & History from Dec 12 to Feb 12th (other art shows opening that date, too). We've heard quite a bit about this collaboration from both artists, and are really excited to see the project!

Finally, we'll be playing at Smiley's on Dec 19th in the early evening slot (7-9:30ish). We're glad to be playing at this venue, featuring live music 7 nights a week and really great food, too!

Thanks for all your support. Hope all of you enjoy the holidays, and we'd love to see you at a show.

Where Has the Time Gone? Leaves that were green have turned to brown

Howdy Folks! We had a lot of fun this past month. October started with Marshall near Brevard at the Cradle of Forestry while Lucy rode her first century (100 miles) on the bike in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Thanks to all who donated (and who cheered me on). We had two nice Sundays at the Upcountry History Museum in downtown Greenville playing some Celtic music. They will soon open an exhibit on WWII and its impact in this region. Should be a powerful exhibit! We ended the month back at Brevard. Lucy brought home a 3rd place ribbon in Folk Song, and fellow Battle Axe band member Amy Buckingham placed 2nd in fiddle. The band had a great time playing, and with only 3 places awarded, we're sure we tied for 4th! Marshall judged the individual competitions instead of actively participating in them, and joined another band in the evening (another one that tied for 4th). We only have a few gigs in November, in part due to some family gatherings. The show at Downtown Coffee in Mauldin will be our last event before changing over to music for Christmas. It's a great coffeeshop, featuring Leopard Forest coffee and other treats, so we encourage you to come and support local business and live music.

Season Change

Dear Friends and Fans, We're really enjoying the cooler temperatures and watching the leaves starting to change and drop. Lucy is already thinking about the garden she is going to have next year, so she is excited about all of the composting possibilities. Gardening is definitely a growth industry! September was a memorable month, with fun times at our local coffeehouse gigs (Village Cup, Coffee Underground and Downtown Coffee and Creamery). At the Hagood Mill Old Time Fiddlers Convention, Marshall came home with a third place ribbon in the banjo contest and Lucy was in the first-place old time string band. The all-female band, previously the Saluda River Gals, changed its name to the Battle Axe Band, and I guess we lived up to the name, having to duke it out in a playoff for first place. We ended the month up in Statesville, in the very listener-friendly Second Fret run by Lucy's old friend Bob Barber. October brings a different group of music, with Brevard bookending the month and the Upcountry Museum in the middle. Thanks for supporting live music! Hope to see you at a show! Lucy and Marshall

Labor Day and Beyond

Hard to believe summer is about over and kids are headed back to school! The music festival season is winding down. We spent a muddy but fun time at the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop WV in August, and Marshall is headed to Laurel Bloomery this weekend. Lucy, tired of mud and camping, is getting back to riding the bike in preparation for the MS Bike ride in early October. We also had a great time playing at the Upcountry History Museum in downtown Greenville. The Dark Corner exhibit is open until Sept 20, coming up next will be an exhibit about WWII and its impact in this area. Anne Blythe, the curator, understands the importance of including local music along with the history and culture and for that we thank her! In September we'll be kicking off the new music season at The Village Cup in Laurens over Labor Day Weekend, then back in Mauldin. September 12th we'll be joining our friends The Fine Arts Ramblers to celebrate Riverfest, sponsored by Friends of the Reedy. We'll be at the amphitheatre behind the Peace Center downtown. On the 3rd Saturday Lucy will be playing as one of the Saluda River Gals (along with Michele Turner, Amy Buckingham and Nancy Hamilton) at the Hagood Mill's Folklife Festival and Oldtime Fiddling Convention in Pickens. Finally, we'll finish the month back in Statesville, North Carolina at the Second Fret. Hope to see you soon! Thanks for supporting Live Music!

Happy Independence Day

Hello friends and fans, The June festivals are over, and we had great adventures traveling to various parts of North Carolina and Virginia. Saw some terrific scenery along with hearing great music and seeing friends old and new. Lucy even surprised herself by bringing home a blue ribbon for singing "The Water Is Wide" in the folk song competition at the Grayson County fiddlers convention.

We have a compact set of shows coming up this month, especially this first weekend--should be something for everyone! The show at the Downtown Coffee House and Creamery in Mauldin will be a benefit for BikeMS. On the 4th and on the 17th we'll be sharing the stage with our friends the Fine Art Ramblers (, first at Music in the Woods at Paris Mountain State Park, and later in the Coffee Underground theatre.

On Sunday, July 5th we'll be doing music at the Upcountry History Museum, focusing this time on music from the 18th and 19th centuries and the associated instrumentation. Last but not least, we'll be providing music to the shoppers at the Carolina First Saturday Market in downtown Greenville. Come on out Sat am and pick up some fresh produce.

If you're looking for us in Laurens, the Village Cup has put music on hold till the Fall, so check back later this year!

And thanks for all your support of live music.

End of May Shows

Howdy, Friends and Neighbors! We had a fabulous celebration out at Paris Mountain. Thanks to all of you who attended and sent best wishes. (Also thanks to those who wish us the best, even though you never got that 'round tuit' to send word). We have a few shows coming up this weekend and next we'd like to highlight: First, we'll be at the Second Fret in Statesville this Friday. It's the owner's birthday so we'll be helping him celebrate that evening. If you're in the area, come check it out! This is also the weekend for Fiddler's Grove, where we'll be visiting with friends and playing lots of music. On Memorial Day, we're honored to be a part of the annual Carl Sandburg Folk Music Festival at the Carl Sandburg house in Flat Rock. We're playing at 11, though the music starts at 10 am and continues until about 4, with High Windy Band starting around 2:30. The last Saturday of the month we'll be at a new coffeehouse in Mauldin, Downtown Coffeehouse and Creamery. All donations at that show will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Lucy will be riding in the BikeMS ride in Greenville in October.

Spring Shows

Hello Friend and Fans!

Since the last note we've had lots of rain (thankfully!) and lots of signs of spring here.

Marsh and I had a great time playing celtic tunes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and now are working on some fresh tunes and songs for our upcoming shows. Not on our regular calendar, we'll be playing at Piazza Bergamo tomorrow evening (Friday, April 3) from 5:30 to 7:30 pm as part of the City of Greenville's Acoustic Cafe. Our friend Brooke Lauer will be joining us.

We're looking forward to trips to Bear on the Square and Merlefest later in the month. No official gigs there, though we'll be playing some at both. We'll also be joining some friends to play oldtime music during the lunch hour (noon-1) at the Prime of Life Expo at the Carolina First convention Center on May 7th.

As we mentioned earlier, we are having a wedding celebration on May 9th. We have a nice graphic that some of you may have received separately, but we're not yet able to send it in this format. So here is the info! If you'd like to see the pretty version, send me a reply email and I'll send it separately.

Lucy Hawthorne Allen and Marshall Alan Goers

Invite you to A celebration of their Marriage

May 9th, 1-5 pm Potluck picnic and Music Jam

Paris Mountain State Park Picnic Shelter A

Please join us to honor this happy occasion. Feel free to bring your hiking boots and go off on a trail for part of the time, or stay late for the Music in the Woods series in the amphitheatre at 6 pm. Or stay late and Jam On!

No gifts, please. Your presence is the greatest gift.

*Note: There is a $2.00 entry fee to the park

In the Calendar are the other shows coming up. Hope to see you sometime soon!

In Like A Lion!

We're enjoying the bright reflection of the snow bringing more light into the house today. An unusual sight here in SC, with welcome moisture to the soil and groundwater table. Marsh and I had a great February, playing on the radio again in Wilkesboro plus enjoying a Saturday morning open mike at The Second Fret, a great venue in Statesville NC run by my old friend Bob Barber. We'll be playing there on May 22nd. We also got married by a notary public, so we are now officially married. Not to worry about missing it--we'll be having a big celebration, potluck and jam at Paris Mountain State Park on May 9th, so plan ahead and mark your calendars! We'd love to see you all. We also enjoyed one of the first fiddler's conventions of the year at Appalachian State University and got to catch up with friends. Looking forward to more festivals coming up, including Bear on the Square in Dahlonega in April. For March, we're focusing our two shows on Celtic tunes, to get folks in the mood for St. Patrick's Day a few days later. According to Answers.Com: Had it not been for a band of Irish marauders in the fifth century, March 17 might've been plain old Maewyn's Day — because Maewyn wouldn't have changed his name to Patrick, and he likely wouldn't have become a saint. In fact, it wouldn't have been a Day at all. But as it happened, a certain 16-year-old Welsh lad was kidnapped by those Irish marauders, and during the six years young Maewyn spent in servitude as a shepherd in Ireland he experienced a religious awakening, then spent years studying in a monastery. He took on a new name, Patrick, and a new calling — converting his countrymen to Christianity. There is more information at that site if you'd like to read more about it. I promise I won't pinch you if you don't wear green, just would love to see y'all at a show!

New Year, New Places to Play

Happy New Year to you all! Marsh and I had a great time playing Christmas music, but we're very glad to be back to our regular repertoire. Lucy has vowed to write some new songs this year; Marshall is continuing to expand his repertoire, working on some new fiddle tunes and some new ragtime tunes. On a personal note, Marsh and I got engaged just before Christmas. No date set yet, but we plan to have a big open potluck party and jam to celebrate when the weather is warmer. We received a call to play in Simpsonville the other day, so for those of you asking when we'll be playing locally again, it will be on Saturday, January 31st! The Wingate Restaurant is now offering music on Saturday nights, and is hoping to expand to Fridays soon, too. Wingate Restaurant offers many menu choices from roasted turkey with all the trimmings to shrimp, cod, burgers, and BBQ. We'll be back at the Village Cup in Laurens on February 7 and March 14. The latter show will be a show in honor of St. Patrick's Day and will feature our selection of irish & celtic tunes. On February 13, we will be back with our friends at the WKBC Hometown Opry in North Wilkesboro. We hope to see as many as you as possible sometime soon!

show cancellation

We will NOT be playing at the Village Cup in Laurens on Saturday. Show was cancelled by the venue. Marshall and I will be back at the Village Cup in Feb and March.

Christmas music in NC and SC

Hello all, We just got the tree up and are getting into the spirit of the season (minus trips to the mall). We have one show with the Blue Dawg String Band this weekend, where we'll be playing some rousing oldtime music. We're thrilled to be invited to play at the Carl Sandburg Home for their Christmas at Connemara, dovetailing that with a carol-sing in Brevard the night before. The next weekend we'll head to the eastern part of the state to play for the lovely folks at Hadden Hall, and to brighten the lobby of the New Hanover County Library in Wilmington. We'll end the season with a return to Hagood Mill, along with an international contingent of other musicians, to celebrate the Winter Solstice. November brought some new opportunities. For Lucy, that included starting in her new role as a member of the Community Advisory Board for WNCW, one of the finest public radio stations in the region (well, really in the US). And we had some great shows in Greenville, Laurens and Brevard--thanks to everyone who came out and supported us! Hope to see you, and if we don't, have a great Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Soltice and New Year's Eve/Day!

Shows for November and December

Howdy Folks! We just have a few shows coming up to finish off the year. Hope to see many of you soon! First, a bit of sad news--Barefoot Annies shut the doors in October, so the wonderful music and fun times we had there are no more. We wish Kim the best of luck in her future endeavors! October ended in a very positive way for Marshall--he won first place in mandolin, third in guitar, and took home the special 'Face in the Crowd' award at Halloweenfest music competition in Brevard. In addition, we had a wonderful time seeing and playing with old friends, and getting to know some new ones. On November 14, we will be back at the Coffee Underground in downtown Greenville. So, come on out & join us! We're planning a few special door prizes to intice people to come on by. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it is at the corner of Coffee Street & Main, down the stairs. The music room is through the coffeehouse in the back On November 15, we'll be back at the Village Cup in Laurens, SC. We have always enjoyed our visits there and hope to reconnect with folks in that area. It's not on our regular calendar, but we're looking forward to playing as part of the "Community Band" at the contra dance at the YWCA on November 19th (Augusta St, Greenville). It should be a lot of fun both for the music and the dance! There will also be a benefit for the YWCA dance held at River Falls Lodge on Nov 29. We're not participating, but we hope those who love contra dancing will go out & support this worthy cause. The Blue Dawg String Band will be back at the Village Cup on December 13. And, we are pleased to be participating in the Yuletide Celebration at Hagood Mill. Come help celebrate the solstice and yuletide traditions from around the world. 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Happy Holidays!

Fall and Change in the Air

Cool weather came in just before the autumnal equinox, and the weather here has just been lovely. We've been enjoying the locally grown apples and looking forward to the winter squash. Blue Dawgs had fun at the farmer's market in September and are looking forward to playing at the contra dance at the YWCA in about a week. Lucy and Marshall have had to make a couple changes in their plans--this Wednesday, Lucy will be performing solo both before and after Mel Edward's stories. Then Saturday, Square Root will be at the Market instead of Lucy and Marshall. Ironically we both need to travel to the Research Triangle area in NC, for vastly different reasons. We'll get to pass each other on the road on Friday... Square Root and Lucy and Marshall will be back in Simpsonville at the end of the month, beginning of next. Thanks for supporting Live Music!

September News

Howdy All! Thanks for those of you who came out to hear the Blue Dawg String Band at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. We'll be back at the end of the month, and playing for a contra dance in October. We'll also be competing at the festivals at Hagood Mill in Pickens (on Sept 20th) and at Halloweenfest in Brevard on October 25 []. Both are a lot of fun and worth checking out. Marshall went to the Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention over the Labor Day weekend and placed 3rd in the Twin Fiddle competition with Jeanne McDaniel. Way to Go! As a duo, we'll be back at Barefoot Annies this week, and again in October, sharing the stage that time with a talented storyteller. I want to mention one other event you should check out: Dry Ridge Productions will be having a special benefit concert for Rusul, who had a leg blown off in Iraq and is at the Shriners Hospital here for medical attention and to be fitted for a prosthetic leg. This special show will be at the Coffee Underground Theatre (1 Coffee Street) this Saturday, September 13, from 2:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. All donations to benefit Rusul and No More Victims. There is a great lineup of artists playing. For more information check out

Dawg Days of Summer

We're back from our annual pilgrimage to the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop WV where we had a great time seeing friends and playing a lot of music. This month is full of different musical configurations, with Lucy and Marshall, the Blue Dawg String Band, and Square Root all having performances, and all three in the 4th weekend of the month (22nd and 23rd). Marshall is looking forward to the challenge! Lucy is also gearing up to ride her first Metric Century bike ride as a benefit for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in memory of her Aunt Judy. If you'd like to contribute, online donations may be made to: We're looking forward to playing at Paris Mountain again for the Music in the Woods series. It's a beautiful natural Amphitheatre with stonework added by the CCC and put back in use last year for concerts. The generator for the sound system is solar-powered. And the weather is supposed to be cooler this weekend so it should be a great time. Hope to see you at a show. Thanks for supporting Live Music!

Etta Baker Tribute and Blue Dawg News

First, a big thanks to all the folks who came out to hear the Blue Dawg String Band at the Saturday Market and signed our mailing list. For your info, this covers news for both the band and for Lucy and Marshall as a duo. We're very honored and excited to be playing at the Etta Baker Tribute in Morganton this Friday. Thanks to the Charlotte Folk Society for including a nice article in their June Newsletter. I spoke with one of Etta's children and they will have some of her CDs available for sale at this event. This concert will have some of the best Piedmont blues you may hear this year, and it's free! The next evening the Blue Dawgs will be playing at the first ever evening event at Hagood Mill, along with some other fine old-time bands from this region. The Blue Dawgs now have a MySpace page if you want to be a friend: Marsh and I have a couple fun gigs in early July, too, at the Market and in Laurens. Hope to see you soon!

Festivals and Changes

Hello Friends and Fans, Wow, it's hard to believe Festival Season is already here! We went to our first festival of the year, Bear on the Square, in Dahlonega, Georgia this past weekend. And, this coming weekend, we will make our annual pilgrimage to Merlefest for Lucy's big emcee gig and lots of great music. Fiddler's Grove, Mount Airy, Wayne Henderson's festival, and the Grayson County Fiddler's Convention are on our agenda through the end of June. This past month saw the debut of our new string band, the Blue Dawg String Band, with partners Don and Barb Massey and Pete and Jodi Dodd. We had a great time playing at Hagood Mill with them. We also had a fabulous time at the Village Cup, helping Brooke Mitchell and Daniel Lauer celebrate at her wedding shower; in fact, it was so much fun we're headed back there at the end of May. Marshall also performed this past month with Square Root, at Barefoot Annie's on April 12. Coming up this next month, we are playing at the Coffee Underground on May 16, along with the Blue Dawg String Band. And, we'll be returning to one of our favorite places, Barefoot Annies, on Saturday May 17. The Blue Dawg String Band will also be downtown at the Greenville Market on Saturday morning May 31. Barefoot Annie's will be moving later this Spring/ early Summer about a block away from the current location to the other side of Curtis Street in Simpsonville, at the former location of Jam Penny Tea Room. We're looking forward to playing in the new spot, too! The address will be changed on the calendar as soon as that is official! Congrats to Barefoot Annie! On a bittersweet note, the WOLT radio show announced this past weekend that the series of music shows has been postponed until at least September. We were at the last show of the season at WOLT this past Sunday and played a bunch of early blues from Greenville and nearby. (a change from the originally planned theme) The Intersection plans to be back; stay tuned & we'll let you know! Thanks for all your support.

March Madness

Yes, the college basketball playoffs are upon us, although that isn't really the reason we didn't book a lot in March (though we are both basketball fans). Marshall & I just had a wonderful time playing at the Hometown Opry at WKBC radio in N. Wilkesboro. Held at Minton Music and Pawn, this radio show on a tiny am station has a great, loyal audience of folks who come out every Friday morning 7-9 am to hear live music. DJ Steve Handy always has a lot of enthusiasm and makes his guests feel right at home. At Barefoot Annies this Saturday, we'll warm folks up for St. Patrick's Day by playing mostly Irish tunes. Coming up in April will be the public debut of the Blue Dog String Band, sharing old-time music out at Hagood Mill, and Marshall returns to Barefoot Annies with Square Root. Also, Lucy will be starting a 6-part series about the history of traditional music from this region. It will be a combination of talk, live music, and recorded music on Sunday nights from 7 to 8 pm, broadcast on The Intersection with Johnny Price and Debra Capps on WOLT-FM 103.3 in Greenville. It is webcast, so you may be able to tune in over the internet. Thanks for your support. Hope to see you at a show!

More websites, and February news

Hello Friends and Fans, Lucy was finally convinced by a friend at a Christmas party of the advisability of setting up a MySpace page for music ("it's easy, only takes 5 minutes") so she did it, only to be confounded by the task of adding friends, and keeping the calendar up to date on 3 sites. At any rate, if you'd like to check out our MySpace Page and become a friend, the link is Speaking of Links, one of Lucy's "purported" friends decided she needed to be locked up (about time, some of you say). Actually it's to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. If you'd like to help with any amount, I'll accept your tax-deductible contribution by cash, check, or online contribution through the link below: Now, to the music: We'll cover some love songs at the Trade Street Coffeehouse in Tryon this weekend, coming only a couple days after Valentine's Day. Sunday the 17th, we'll start a 6-part series on WOLT-FM (103.3 in Greenville or on the web). looking at some of the history of traditional music in the South, and moving specifically in later shows to some of the great and often overlooked musicians from the Upstate and nearby places in NC. The other 5 parts will be approximately once a month (details to follow). On WOLT again the following Wednesday, we'll be on Johnny Price's Homegrown Radio Show. In a bit of a musical detour for him, you can catch Marshall with Gregg Branham and Jim Thrasher (known as Square Root) performing a mix of blues, folk rock and classic rock tunes on Saturday, Feb 23 at Barefoot Annie's in Simpsonville. Lucy and Marshall will end this leap month at Barefoot Annies. As always, thanks for your support. We love to see you at the shows, and read your comments.

Winter and a New Year

Greetings friends and fans, We enjoyed sharing Christmas songs in December. Now, we're back to sharing our regular blend of folk and original tunes and songs. Marshall has been learning some new fiddle tunes and Lucy is finishing up a song she started, hmmmm, quite a while ago. We are always discovering new tunes and songs that excite us. Keeping the music flowing into 2008! With the unpredictable nature of the weather in the winter, we've pared down our performance schedule early this year. Coming up later this month, we're excited to be on the Intersection, a local arts show hosted by Johnny Price on January 20th. It is also webcast, so if you can't tune in locally, check it out on your computer. Hope to see you soon!

November/December News

Hello friends & fans, I don't know about you, but for us this year has just flown by. We took a brief break from playing music for the past couple months. Marshall finished his metric century JDRF Bike Ride in Whitefish Montana (thanks for all of your support to JDRF), then Lucy completed a triathlon in October. Marshall also became a grandpa! Grandson Aiden (born Oct 12th, 9 lbs) is doing quite well. We're excited to be playing out again in Greenville and nearby. We'll be at Barefoot Annies in both November and December. The November show will feature songs and tunes about travel & transportation, the December shows in Simpsonville & Tryon will focus on Christmas. We're thrilled to join Eddie Bolt at Hagood Mill this Saturday and the 3rd Saturday in December. In addition to doing a great job managing the site, Eddie is a wonderful songwriter and musician. We'll end the year at one of our favorite coffee hangouts in Brevard, playing for the 4th Friday Gallery Walk at Quotations.

CFA of Easley

Apologies if any of you came out to Chick-Fil-A of Easley to see us. It was cancelled at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances at CFA, but they promise we'll be there soon.

Hot! and thanks a lot!

Lots of music lately for Marshall and me, though much of it was just for fun. We had a great vacation at the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop at the beginning of August, with lots of time to practice and to jam with friends. Returning to triple-digit temperatures, we were VERY grateful that the fine folks at the City of Morganton Municipal Auditorium (CoMMA) decided to hold our concert inside. The hospitality and sound at CoMMA were superb, so we want to send a big Thank You to Bill Wilson and Tony Bova and all of the staff for their great work. It was also a treat to see Edgar and Stephanie Baker and to perform a tribute to Etta Baker for them. Hope for cooler weather. Most of these dates are indoors, though. We'd love to see you at any of these shows, but especially the Benefit for JDRF Music Marathon on September 8th! Or donate online at: Thanks in advance for your support!

Summer Traditional Music Series

We'll be playing as part of the series, though you might be interested in the other shows, too! --Lucy This summer St Margaret's Episcopal Church in Boiling Springs, SC will present throughout the summer months a Traditional Music Series of fine music, highlighting some of the very best artist in the region. The music will focus on old-time, folk, bluegrass, Appalachian, blues and shape note singing. Storyteller/old-time musician John Fowler will host each event. With artist from both North and South Carolina the series promises to be a spectacular event. A must see of fine talent. All performances begin at 7 PM and is free. June 9 Blue Ridge Rounders - Old-Time & Bluegrass June 23 Steve McGaha & Freddie Vanderford - Accoustic Blues July 7 Lucy Allen & Marshal Goers - Folk, Originals, Old-Time July 21 Mary Gordon & Hilary Dirlam - Old Time August 4 Cane Creek - Bluegrass August 18 Charles Lowery - Shape Note Singing St. Margaret's is located in Boiling Springs, SC off Hwy 9 north of I-85, just pass the Wal-Mart on the right. If you need more information just e-mail at

Paris Mountain concert on SATURDAY

I was informed yesterday that the folks at Paris Mountain State Park accidentally listed us as playing on Friday, May 25. Not true, we're playing on Saturday, May 26, starting at 6 pm. The Amphitheatre is just down the Mountain Creek trail a little ways from the Park Office. Its a beautiful setting, great place for kids and a picnic.

New shows in May

We're excited to be headed up to Merlefest next week after playing at a benefit for Stone Academy. Probably won't do much playing at Mfest, but lots of great music to hear. Paris Mountain State Park has started a new concert series on Saturdays, MUSIC IN THE WOODS, in their amphitheatre. They have a solar-powered generator to provide the power for the PA system. First performer is J. Michael King on the 28th of April, Marshall & I will be there on May 26th. Come bring a picnic and a friend! Also, please note Marshall will be playing downtown on the 18th. All the proceeds that go into the Acoustic Cafe bucket will be going toward his Ride to Cure Diabetes, so your contribution is tax deductible! Give generously. We might also be playing at a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels and the Pickens Co Y on May 12th. Please check the calendar periodically for updates & details.

Springtime in Greenville

Hello friends, family and fans, Marshall & I have a fair amount going on musically, but not too many performances in March or April. We'll be back at Barefoot Annies on March 24, check the calendar for other dates. But golly, the music is flowing nicely. Lucy has written one and a half songs this year, so far, and has started a Greenville chapter of Songsisters --a songwriting group for women. Marshall is headed back to Banjo Camp in Florida this month, and is also working on a demo recording with his group Square Root, in case you want something a bit more electric than what our duo offers. Marshall is also training for a bike ride that will be a benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. His goal is to raise $4000 for the organization. Feel free to email Marshall if you want more information ( or if you'd like to make an online contribution, here's the link. And thanks a bunch for your support.

Coming for December

Marshall & I had a good visit to the Catskills in November, attending NERFA (NE Region of Folk Alliance), and expect some new NPR airplay in the Northeast as a result. We have a number of shows in December, and all will have at least some Christmas content. The one at Barefoot Annies on Dec 2 will start an hour early for the kids. And for your holiday shopping, I've placed my first CD, When to Let Go, on sale at CD Baby in their $5 sale bin--buy 3 different CDs from the sale, and each is $5.00--that's like buy one, get 2 free! Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season, and may we have greater peace in the world in 2007!

Barefoot Annies in Trouble

Hello friends, See message below for the plight. This little Coffee Shop in Simpsonville SC is one of our favorite places to play. Kim Carter is absolutely one of the nicest people you could ever meet. If you're so inclined, maybe you could send a letter or fax to Mayor Dennis Waldrop or the City Council. Address is 118 NE Main Street, Simpsonville, 29681; phone number is 864-967-9526, fax is 967-9525, and the website (which I assume has email links) is We'd hate to lose another fine venue. I know it's short notice, and some of you don't live anywhere near here. But if you choose to take action, please know it will be appreciated (and if not, we love your support anyway). All the best, Lucy From: Kim Carter [] Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2006 6:57 PM Subject: Demolishing Barefoot Annie's! Hey! I've got a problem and I don't know if you have any suggestions for how to overcome it. Here's the deal: A development company has approached the owners of the building I'm leasing with an offer to buy. The owners have not formally rejected the offer, so the developers have petitioned City Hall for a re-zoning hearing to ask permission to demolish Barefoot Annie's and other buildings that occupy the property. I need to send a message to these developers that my building/business should not be destroyed! I have a petition for the community to sign if they believe that demolishing Barefoot Annie's is wrong - and I am asking the community to show up in their Barefoot Annie's T-shirts and speak up against this possible re-zoning on November 7th at the initial meeting at City Hall. Is there any other thing I should be doing that you can think of? I was on the local news channel all weekend with a story that Channel 4 did on my plight - and that's gotten the word out to more of the community, too. I'm fighting for survival and I need all the help I can get! Anything you can suggest will be appreciated! Should we do an "Annie-Aid" (I'm not sure I'm even joking about that...)? Thanks, Kim Carter

Dance Cancelled

If you were planning to head up to Brevard for a contra dance next Saturday (Oct 14th), unfortunately, it's been cancelled. Lucy & Marshall, and the Carolina TuneCroppers hope to see you at another gig soon.

CD Baby Contest and other news

July was a good month, especially after I got to the point I could play the guitar again. August so far has been a lot of travel--Marsh went up to the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop, WV (called the Sting Band Festival on the t-shirts) early and I joined him for a week of old-time jamming. I just got back from playing as a songwriter finalist at the AvalonFest in Paw Paw, WV. One of six finalists at a music festival at a clothing optional resort. It was true to its word, with lots of friendly folks in various states of attire. I had fun, and though I didn't win the competition, got a lot of compliments and made new friends. If you don't have a copy of our new CD Just Passing Through yet, please order one during August from They will add a song to their sampler for the top 100 selling artists during August. Probably only takes about 30 sales, but we're not allowed to buy our own (that's cheating). Here's the link: You can also get my 1st CD there. Big thanks to James Shannon and folks at The Beat for the Pick 6 listing for Aug 18th. That was a pleasant surprise. If you're not familiar with the Beat, they did a great article on the Acoustic Seen open mic in the same issue. See

July News

The summer started out well, with a fabulous CD release party for our new CD "Just Passing Through" on June 9th at the Coffee Underground. Packed house and sold quite a few CDs as well. A big thanks to Ray Guenthner with Dry Ridge Productions, along with Adrien, Alicia, and Marcia for their help. We've found our way into radio airplay a number of different places, but a big thanks to John Fowler for sharing at least 3 different cuts to listeners on WNCW radio out of Spindale. And finally a thanks to Heather Magruder for a nice profile article in the July Issue of Greenville Magazine. I've had a little time to work on creating a newsletter after hurting my shoulder in a bike crash--need to work on my downhill skills a bit, and it's made for a few interesting changes in our shows, with Marshall changing some of the instruments he plays, and me just singing. But I'll be back to pickin' soon. Hope to see you at a show soon. Lucy

CD Now Available

The New CD, Just Passing Through, arrived yesterday and it looks great! CD Release Party will be at the Coffee Underground on June 9th. If you can't make it, or want to pick up a copy sooner, the CD is now available at Horizon Records in Greenville, and directly from us. It will be at and other locations soon....

Electronic Press Kit Now Available

Most of the info from here is duplicated there, but for a convenient EPK of our work, visit Thanks to OasisCD for their Tools of Promotion kit for making this possible!

New CD almost done

We've just gone over a few minor changes on the graphics for the CD, designed by Jim Campbell, so it should be available by the end of April/early May (Lord willin' and the creek don't rise)

Welcome to the new website

It was time to give the website a new look, and I'm thrilled with the options provided by A big, big THANK YOU to Sam Collins for all his work the past few years as my webmaster. Couldn't have done it w/out you.

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