2015 Already!

Hello Friends and Fans,

Just as we're putting up the Christmas decorations (yes, we leave our tree up until Old Christmas, Jan 6th), we'll be turning around to head off for more musical adventures. 

Lucy started working a bit more on learning old-time fingerstyle banjo last year, and plans to continue that and hopefully become adept enough to play the banjo in public before the year is out.  And Marshall is always finding more tunes to learn, and has even hinted at writing a few more songs this year!

We're starting the year out with a short set of original songs at the Evening Muse in Charlotte in just a few days. Following closely, on Sunday, Marshall will be sharing the stage with Robert Burns, the South Carolina Fiddling Champion of 2014. They will be at the Greenville Museum of Art with a wonderful selection of tunes on fiddle and lap dulcimer. If you haven't heard this duo, you've missed a treat!

Then we shift back into dance mode, with the BattleAxe Band playing at the ever popular River Falls Dance Hall, and then Hey for Four will be continuing to establish a new contradance at Hub Bub Showroom in Spartanburg.  We would especially appreciate it if you could spread the word and invite your friends to come to the dance on January 22nd!

And thanks for supporting live music!

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