Angels and Alleluias

Seasoned Greetings, Y'all!

We've pulled out our Christmas songs and started practicing for the upcoming holidays. We love learning new info about the songs each year. For instance, this year we learned that Jingle Bells was originally intended as a Thanksgiving Day song, not Christmas. Not that we're likely to be dashing through the snow here in South Carolina on either holiday, but still... An interesting historical item!

Most of the shows this month will feature music for the season, while some will also include our usual eclectic mix of tunes. We're also working on some new tunes and songs and dusting off some old ones to perform at our shows in 2010.

We're thrilled to be heading back to Village Cup and to Christmas at Connemara at the Carl Sandburg Home this month, and we always enjoy the variety Ed Harrison brings to the 3rd Saturday Celebration at Hagood Mill. If you've never been to the Mill, you're missing a treat.

Also sponsored by the Pickens County Cultural Commission is a new exhibit that should be of interest to music lovers--"Story Song and Image" a collaborative project by Glen MIller and John Fowler, combining music and paintings. The show will be at the Pickens County Museum of Art & History from Dec 12 to Feb 12th (other art shows opening that date, too). We've heard quite a bit about this collaboration from both artists, and are really excited to see the project!

Finally, we'll be playing at Smiley's on Dec 19th in the early evening slot (7-9:30ish). We're glad to be playing at this venue, featuring live music 7 nights a week and really great food, too!

Thanks for all your support. Hope all of you enjoy the holidays, and we'd love to see you at a show.

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