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July was a good month, especially after I got to the point I could play the guitar again. August so far has been a lot of travel--Marsh went up to the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop, WV (called the Sting Band Festival on the t-shirts) early and I joined him for a week of old-time jamming. I just got back from playing as a songwriter finalist at the AvalonFest in Paw Paw, WV. One of six finalists at a music festival at a clothing optional resort. It was true to its word, with lots of friendly folks in various states of attire. I had fun, and though I didn't win the competition, got a lot of compliments and made new friends. If you don't have a copy of our new CD Just Passing Through yet, please order one during August from They will add a song to their sampler for the top 100 selling artists during August. Probably only takes about 30 sales, but we're not allowed to buy our own (that's cheating). Here's the link: You can also get my 1st CD there. Big thanks to James Shannon and folks at The Beat for the Pick 6 listing for Aug 18th. That was a pleasant surprise. If you're not familiar with the Beat, they did a great article on the Acoustic Seen open mic in the same issue. See
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