Happy New Year!

Howdy, Everybody!  We hope for a prosperous year in 2010 (Two thousand ten, or Twenty-ten, whichever you prefer)! 

Marshall & I had a great time playing Christmas tunes (and some of our regular stuff) during December at both private and public venues.  Loved being at Smiley's as the last gig before Christmas.  We hope to be back there soon, possibly for a songwriter night.

We're working on some new (or at least recycled) tunes and songs, and dusting off some that we haven't played in awhile.  Our first gig of the year will be back on home turf, at the Downtown Coffee and Creamery on Butler Road in Mauldin.  In early February, we'll be headed back to Coffee Underground and to Hagood Mill.

The BattleAxe Band (Lucy, Amy, Michele, and Nancy) will be playing not one, but TWO dances in January, the first for the new City Dance at St. Mark's Church. This dance replaced the one at the YWCA and is organized by Harvest Moon Folk Society.  The second one is a benefit for the Environmental Action Group at Furman University, with Jennie Wakefield as the caller.

Finally, we want to wish Jim Hurst (our friend and former producer) all the best as he moves to his new solo career after playing with Claire Lynch for so many years.  Jim is a great guitarist & performer and we recommend him to other music lovers.

 We just added links to a bunch of musicians who are in or near Greenville, under Upstate Musicians (and if I missed you, let me know!).

 On a non-musical topic, the Oatmeal may be a very bizarre website, but occasionally has some choice posts.  One is "10 words you need to stop misspelling" Check it out! 

 Thanks to all for supporting live music.

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