In Like A Lion!

We're enjoying the bright reflection of the snow bringing more light into the house today. An unusual sight here in SC, with welcome moisture to the soil and groundwater table. Marsh and I had a great February, playing on the radio again in Wilkesboro plus enjoying a Saturday morning open mike at The Second Fret, a great venue in Statesville NC run by my old friend Bob Barber. We'll be playing there on May 22nd. We also got married by a notary public, so we are now officially married. Not to worry about missing it--we'll be having a big celebration, potluck and jam at Paris Mountain State Park on May 9th, so plan ahead and mark your calendars! We'd love to see you all. We also enjoyed one of the first fiddler's conventions of the year at Appalachian State University and got to catch up with friends. Looking forward to more festivals coming up, including Bear on the Square in Dahlonega in April. For March, we're focusing our two shows on Celtic tunes, to get folks in the mood for St. Patrick's Day a few days later. According to Answers.Com: Had it not been for a band of Irish marauders in the fifth century, March 17 might've been plain old Maewyn's Day — because Maewyn wouldn't have changed his name to Patrick, and he likely wouldn't have become a saint. In fact, it wouldn't have been a Day at all. But as it happened, a certain 16-year-old Welsh lad was kidnapped by those Irish marauders, and during the six years young Maewyn spent in servitude as a shepherd in Ireland he experienced a religious awakening, then spent years studying in a monastery. He took on a new name, Patrick, and a new calling — converting his countrymen to Christianity. There is more information at that site if you'd like to read more about it. I promise I won't pinch you if you don't wear green, just would love to see y'all at a show!
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