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Hello Friends and Fans, Lucy was finally convinced by a friend at a Christmas party of the advisability of setting up a MySpace page for music ("it's easy, only takes 5 minutes") so she did it, only to be confounded by the task of adding friends, and keeping the calendar up to date on 3 sites. At any rate, if you'd like to check out our MySpace Page and become a friend, the link is Speaking of Links, one of Lucy's "purported" friends decided she needed to be locked up (about time, some of you say). Actually it's to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. If you'd like to help with any amount, I'll accept your tax-deductible contribution by cash, check, or online contribution through the link below: Now, to the music: We'll cover some love songs at the Trade Street Coffeehouse in Tryon this weekend, coming only a couple days after Valentine's Day. Sunday the 17th, we'll start a 6-part series on WOLT-FM (103.3 in Greenville or on the web). looking at some of the history of traditional music in the South, and moving specifically in later shows to some of the great and often overlooked musicians from the Upstate and nearby places in NC. The other 5 parts will be approximately once a month (details to follow). On WOLT again the following Wednesday, we'll be on Johnny Price's Homegrown Radio Show. In a bit of a musical detour for him, you can catch Marshall with Gregg Branham and Jim Thrasher (known as Square Root) performing a mix of blues, folk rock and classic rock tunes on Saturday, Feb 23 at Barefoot Annie's in Simpsonville. Lucy and Marshall will end this leap month at Barefoot Annies. As always, thanks for your support. We love to see you at the shows, and read your comments.
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