Spring Happenings

Hello Friends and Fans,

I (Lucy) was just looking over the list of all of the folks who have been following these updates, and realized I started it in 2006.  To those who joined and are still hanging in there, Thank you so much! and a big thanks to all who have joined since then.  This is an old format and I may try to learn some new technology this year and make it better, but for  now, you'll get the latest news in an older way.

We have a variety of musical venues coming up. First off, Marshall and Lucy will be on Studio 62 between 11 and 11:30 this Wednesday. You can live-stream it on your computer or watch our short segments at a later time.  We'll be highlighting the Train Songs show we'll be doing on Saturday at the Hub City Railroad Museum, and the Spartanburg Contradance the night before, with Hey for Four!

The next weekend will feature the BattleAxe Band at the Travelers Rest Farmers Market, which is bigger and better than last year, and a live set from 4 to 5 pm on Sunday on WNCW's This Old Porch radio show (also available as live stream if you're not in the local listening region). 

Then back to the dance hall with Hey for Four at River Falls Dance Hall on June 4th.

We'll be taking a break in June after that, but stayed tuned for more in July (or check the calendar on the website  Thanks for supporting live music!

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