Winter music

Hello Friends and Fans,

 Hope everyone is staying warm enough (or cool enough, depending on the day!). 

 We just had a wonderful time playing at the City Dance as the Wolf Moon String Band (with Briggs Hamilton), honoring the first full moon of the year.  We're having a lot of fun playing for dances in various configurations.

 We usually find out we'll be playing at the Saluda Grade Cafe on pretty short notice, but this time we have most of this week!  We'll be there on Friday night to play some tunes and songs. And if you've never eaten there, goodness gracious, you owe it to yourself to try their food!

 We'll be back in Saluda at the Party Place the following week with Fred and Pam Stoll to play a dance; in fact, the whole month is a nice combination of sitting and singing, and also playing for dances.  Some of you have been asking when we'll be performing closer to home--here's your chance! Marshall and Lucy will be at the Greenville Museum of Art on Sunday afternoon, Feb 23rd.  So come in and look at the wonderful art and listen to music for an hour that Sunday!

 We'd also like to give you a heads up on another event--February 1st, our friend John Fowler will be talking about (and selling and signing) his book about Trottin' Sally at the Spartanburg Library. 

 Hope to see you at an event, soon, and thanks for supporting live music.

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