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Marshal Goers' & Lucy Allen's brand new recording "Just Passing Through" is another fine project to put on your list. The CD is full of nice originals and traditional tunes, in a fine bio-degradable package with great artwork and liner notes. A-must-have.

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*Beautiful* work. It's so nice to have a CD where almost any cut would, in programming terms, "make the cut"! I can't wait to get it out there. I hope it does well for you.

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When Lucy Allen was growing up, her parents filled the house with the music of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and Peter, Paul and Mary. Since those early days, Allen say that music "that reveals and heals" has been a constant in her life. While she was still living in that house filled with the music of Seeger and his contemporaries, Allen took up the guitar herself. She then took voice lessons and took part in several Gilbert and Sullivan productions while attending a Quaker high school in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. Years later, during an internship at the Library of Congress, Allen discovered the field of folklore. She went on to study it--taking several detours along the way to earning her PhD in Folklore. Her study and the detours have taken her to Newfoundland, Canada, various spots in North Carolina and England. Along the way, she has gathered knowledge and experience that she blends beautifully with her music. In addition to constantly working to improve her own playing and songwriting, Allen has been helping other traditional artists share their work through the traditional music series, which is a part of Acoustic Seen at Coffee Underground in Greenville. For her latest CD, Just Passing Through, Allen has teamed up with Marshall Goers. Not only is Goers skilled on a variety of instruments, but also in a wealth of music styles. From blues to bluegrass to oldtime, folk and rock, Goers can find his place. Although he typically plays guitar and mandolin, Goers also plays dulcimer, banjo, fiddle an bouzouki. Since moving to South Carolina in 1990, Goers has played with a number of bands and currently plays with the Carolina Tunecroppers as well performing as part of the Allen-Goers duo. Just Passing Through is available at Horizon Records. The CD features some original works as well as some well-chosen covers. Although Allen will continue to write new music, to seek venues at which to play and to help promote acoustic musicians, she has also been exploring what she calls "another realm of communication." Allen has recently become a massage therapist. "in both music and massage I get instant feedback," she says. In songs, I get a response through music and words. With massage, I get a response through touch." In either case, Allen has built for herself a life that "reveals and heals." Whether it's playing music or massage, Allen seems to be constantly revealing herself and healing us all.

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Lucy Allen knows her way around a folksong. A professional folklorist, she is also a fine singer, songwriter, and interpreter with deft fingers and a lovely voice. Her album When to Let Go is a keeper.

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This was a note left in the tip jar: Dear Folksinger, I really liked your music! It was much better than I thought it would be (this is a compliment, please do not think of it as an insult). Jordan Dear Folksinger, I love your music. It was awesome to see you play. I have never seen a bango[sic], and someone play one before. I love your singing, it was beautiful! Sarah We loved your music, the two littel girls on the high chairs. 2nd note: Dear Mrs. Allen and Mr. Goers, This is other things we forgot to put in the other note: I LOVED the song with the violin or viola (I'm not sure which it was but I think it was cool because I pay the violin and my sister, the one on the laptop, plays cello). I also think it was really brave of you to get up there and play and talk! I LOVED your music, Jordan
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